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Chematur Engineering AB (CEAB) is located in Karlskoga, Sweden. Based on our proprietary technologies we deliver chemical plants globally. Our expertise is concentrated in the fields Isocyanates, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bio Chemicals, Supercritical CO2 processes, Nitro Aromatics and Explosives & Propellants.

The staff at CEAB consists of engineers from disciplines such as process design, electrical and control design, equipment and plant design plus a number of dedicated experts. To further strengthen our team, we are now looking for team members with a thorough experience, who will contribute to our future development.

CEAB is active on all continents, but primarily in the Middle- and the Far East. We constantly focus on expanding our client base.Karlskoga, with a beautiful nature and recreational areas, has approximately 30.000 inhabitants and is located in-between Stockholm and Gothenburg yet close to Örebro, the sixth largest city in Sweden. Alfred Nobel once lived and worked here and he laid the foundation for many well-known companies (including ours) in the area.

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Senior Projekteringsingenjör – Process Design

Projekteringsingenjör – Process Design

Senior Projekteringsingenjör – Equipment & Plant Design

Projekteringsingenjör – Equipment & Plant Design

Senior Projekteringsingenjör – El & Control Design

Projekteringsingenjör – El & Control Design

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Thesis work proposal

Optimization of thermal destruction of alkaline waste water from nitration

Chematur Engineering AB designs and markets several chemical process plants to clients world-wide. One of the specialities of the company is nitration of aromatic substances using the mixed acid system. DNT (Dinitrotoluene) is a compound which is produced in a continuous process with the proprietary Pump Nitration technology. When the crude acidic DNT is washed in several steps an alkaline waste water is produced in one of the steps, so called Red Water (REW). This water phase contains several toxic and non-biodegradable compounds, e.g. nitrophenols and nitrocresols.

It is known from the literature that the REW can be treated thermally at elevated temperature to break down these non-biodegradable compounds so that they eventually can be treated in a biological treatment plant. The treated waste water can then be sent to recipient or a municipal treatment plant.

The aim of the thesis work is to optimize the thermal treatment process so that the biological treatment can produce a waste water which can be sent to recipient. Small scale equipment for the thermal treatment process, as well as advanced analytical equipment is available at Chematur’s Technology Centre (TC) in Karlskoga Sweden. At the TC we also have a small scale biotreatment process using the MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology and equipment to measure the BOD of waste waters.

The tentative work plan would be to optimize the thermal treatment process and then produce a larger quantity of treated REW using the optimum conditions. This water would then be fed to the MBBR process to produce a waste water which is analyzed for toxicity to see if it is suitable for sending to a recipient.

The thesis work is suitable for both Bachelor and Master level and can be started at the earliest possible occasion.

Contact person:

Lars Stenmark, Development Director, mobile 070-3252492