Aniline (CAS No. 62-53-3) is produced by catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene (CAS No. 98-95-3) in a continuous high efficiency liquid phase process.

The process utilizes a proprietary catalyst made in the plant for maximum economy and selectivity. The activated carbon used as the catalyst carrier is cheap and easy to filter off, making recycling of the catalyst to the hydrogenator an easy task. The spent catalyst is collected and the precious metal is recovered by a third party. This ensures that the need to buy make-up precious metal is kept at a minimum. The heat of reaction is used to produce steam enough for all internal use as well as a surplus for export. The process is safe, easy to control and it gives excellent quality.
Aniline is a versatile chemical with increasing demand worldwide. It is widely used as the basic substance (precursor) for MDI production. Aniline is also used for production of rubber chemicals, dyes, pigments as well as pharmaceuticals.