Debinding by Super critical carbon dioxid, ScCO2

The traditional way of dewaxing or debinding of waxes from Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) items is to use a furnace. This procedure is time consuming, sometimes up to 2-3 days, and also critical as the procedure can create cracks with cassation as a result, especially for more complex parts. Since many years Chematur Engineering AB does have another technology to offer, by using a debinding chamber where the items are placed and which is injected with Super Critical Carbon Dioxide, ScCO2. Within a number of hours all waxes have been gently extracted from the items. We call this Super Debind™.

This process is much faster, more gently against the Green Body and environment friendly as ScCO2 is harmless. (The same technology is used for pharmaceuticals and food). Major players are already using our technology and during our stay at EMO Milano exhibition, 5-10 October 2015, we met both existing clients and new ones. Please feel welcome to address your questions and inquiries to us regarding ScCo2!

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