Chematur delivers TDI 100 Technology to a client in the Far East

Chematur Engineering AB has a long experience within the field of Isocyanates and is a licensor of several proprietary technologies, of which TDI is one.TDI 80/20 is the most common type and is used to manufacture flexible foams for the transportation and furnishing industries etc.

TDI 100 has a higher market price on a much smaller market than the more common TDI 80/20. We can either support you with a new TDI 100 plant or offer adaption of an existing TDI 80/20 plant to get TDI 100 quality.

The use of TDI 100 is within CASE applications:

    • Coatings
    • Adhesives
    • Sealants
    • Elastomers

TDU 100 is pure 2,4-TDI (>99 %).

TDI 100 can be produced through nitration of p-Nitrotoluen, PNT to 2,4-DNT, which then is hydrated to 2,4-TDA. Next step for the 2,4-TDA is phosgenation to 2,4-TDI.

For further information – please contact Mr. Conny Lundstedt

TDI 100