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Chematur Engineering extraction, SuperDebind™


Time:November 9, 2017

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The SuperDebind™ utilizes supercritical fluid extraction to remove binders from components produced by Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) or the related Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and Ceramics Injection Moulding (CIM). The working principle is dissolving the binders such as waxes and polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide and thereby removing them from the components.

Debinding is often a bottleneck as it ties up the expensive ovens for many hours. By using scCO₂ for debinding to remove waxes, valuable capacity increase in the sintering oven can be gained, often together with improved quality. Experience has shown that more complex and larger green bodies can be successfully debinded using the SuperDebind™ technology, compared to the traditional technologies.

  • Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, non-toxic and non-flammable solvent.
  • Easier and quicker to operate, with no liquid waste produced.
  • Fully automated operation, in a Compact design.
  • Temperature and Pressure can be tuned to modify the process performance.

Chematur Engineering also applies supercritical CO₂ technology in several other applications such as Extraction in food industry, pharmaceuticals, nature cure medicines, fragrances, as well as textile dying; and would welcome your inquiries.