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CEAB honored to build a Hydrogen Peroxide plant for an annual production of 200.000 tons as 35% for Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemcial Co., Ltd.


Time:February 9, 2023

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On December 30, 2022, Chematur and Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemcial Co., Ltd.(GESC) signed a contract of the establishment of an annual production of 200 KTA Hydrogen Peroxide plant as 35%.

The plant will be located in Meishan High-tech Industrial Park, Sichuan, China. This 200KTA Hydrogen Peroxide plant is part of the project ‘Phase II of East District Westward Relocation Project (Ammonium Nitrate Hydrogen Peroxide Upgrade)’, which will adopt green technology, safe, energy-saving and low-carbon emission processes to build a 400KTA Nitric Acid plant, 250KTA Ammonium Nitrate plant, 200KTA Hydrogen Peroxide plant, and 50KTA Urea Ammonium Solution plant and public auxiliary facilities.

CEAB will provide Process Technology Licensing, Basic Engineering Design Package, Proprietary equipment, Catalyst and Advise service to build the Hydrogen Peroxide plant for GESC.

Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemical Co., Ltd. (GESC) is a leading chemical company in China, listed among the top 50 enterprises in nitrogen fertilizers in China. Its broad portfolio ranges from chemicals, fertilizer, clean energy, new material, catalyst to environment protection products, and technology license. With production bases in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hebei, Jiangsu and other provinces, it is the world’s largest melamine production enterprise.

“Chemistry is in our DNA”–Chematur Engineering AB (CEAB) was established in Sweden by Alfred Nobel in 1894. Our leading proprietary technologies enable us to deliver first-class state of the art plants globally. In the last 126 years, we have delivered more than 800 chemical plants worldwide. Our expertise is concentrated in the fields of Isocyanates, Nitro Aromatics, Hydrogen Peroxide, HPPO, CPL, Bio Chemicals and Supercritical CO2.

Among those fields, CEAB has always been a HP technology leader in the chemical industry, the most modern know-how incorporated. In 1995, CEAB licensed the first slurry bed HP plant and started up. Since then, CEAB has delivered over 10 slurry bed HP plants worldwide already and received excellent customer feedback. This plant for GESC will apply the high efficiency working solution with a test level of 18 g/l, which will significantly lower operation costs and capital cost.