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Bio Ethanol

The Chematur registered trademark, Biostil®, is a continuous process for fermenting sugars to crude ethanol.

By combining the Biostil® with a Chematur designed purification system you can get more or less any required specification of ethanol product required.

The heart of the Biostil® is a continuous stirred tank reactor with a yeast separation unit allowing minimal yeast production that favors ethanol formation and results in a high yield.

A dual fermenter system allows the fermenter properties to approach very high impurity levels, e.g. osmotic pressure, that in the end gives that the raw material can be of low grade purity.

High impurity concentration in the fermenter and eventually in the waste stillage give that the water consumption of the Biostil® is very low.

An ideal raw material for the system is sugar mill molasses. Amongst others there is a successful reference plant that uses the waste stillage as a fertilizer resulting in a plant with very low amount of waste to be handled