Chematur Engineering AB has a long and impressive history

Our history goes back all the way to Alfred Nobel and the heritage of his achievements. Alfred Nobel started the chemical industry in Karlskoga (Bofors) year 1894, and in the 1930´s a separate department within AB Bofors was created to take care of the chemical export business. At that time we also delivered our first export project.


1968 we changed name to AB Bofors Chematur and later to AB Bofors Nobel Chematur.

After a MBO (Management Buy Out) 1992, we became Chematur Engineering AB, which since then is our company name.

During the years we have aquired new technologies and developed our existing process technologies from the original explosives and propellant processes dating from the late 19th century into other areas. Our knowledge of safe handling and operation of hazardous chemical processes has led to expansion into processes for isocyanates, super critical carbon dioxide extraction and sodium percarbonate.

Chematur Engineering has also acquired and further developed a state of the art hydrogen peroxide technology.

Another important activity since the 1950’s has been ethanol and ethanol derivatives. We are working in this field through our Biostil ® 2000 process. One of our important ethanol derivatives is bioethylene.

2012 we opened The Chematur Engineering Technology Centre, which has state of the art laboratories and pilot plant units for our own research and development as well as support to our clients.

Alfred Nobel 1833-1896

A very good way to describe us today is actually through our tagline ; The global provider of excellent technology !