Company philosophy


Customer first

We shall always focus on satisfying our customers. From the first contact to the taking over point. Thereafter to be at our customers service for debottlenecking, revamping, extensions or any matter.

Business idea

Our business idea is to offer our proprietary technologies to the chemical industry globally, from licensing to EPC undertakings, according to our clients needs.


Continue to act as an independent engineering partner to our clients and always strive to remain being a high end supplier of technologies, keeping our clients in the forefront.

Respect for the environment

The future and our children demand long-term sustainable development. We shall seek to reuse/recycle by-products to the greatest extent possible. At every step, we shall aim to avoid the loss and waste of resources.


Acting in a complex chemical area requires responsibility. Highest possible safety in every situation and design, shall be aimed for. Furthermore all our actions and decisions shall be such that we can be proud of them. Good morals and ethics shall permeate all handlings of Chematur.