About us


Chematur Engineering AB


Chematur Engineering AB (CEAB) is based in Karlskoga, Sweden. We deliver technologies and chemical plants globally based on our proprietary technologies. Our expertise is concentrated to the fields Isocyanates, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bio Chemicals and Supercritical processes.

We can carry out any required scope of project work, from licensing of our proprietary technologies to EPC undertakings. Furthermore we are an independent licensor of our proprietary technologies, meaning that our clients can act independently, without involvement and interference from our side.

CEAB utilizes the most modern engineering systems available. We have successfully practiced global engineering where our different companies share the same database working round the clock. Since we work with the most advanced technologies, our people are of the utmost importance. We constantly educate our staff in the latest technologies and engineering systems.

CEAB belongs to the Chematur Group consisting of the engineering companies:

The group has supplied more than 800 plants world-wide based on its proprietary technologies.The Chematur Group is 100 % owned by the Chinese Connell Group, altogether with over 4500 employees.

Chematur Engineering – The global provider of excellent technology!