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The Chematur Engineering Technology Centre has state of the art laboratories and pilot plant units for our own research and development as well as support to our clients.
The laboratories are equipped with the most modern analytical equipment such as FTIR, GC, HPLC and GC-MS in addition to the general equipment you expect from a modern laboratory. The pilot units include the following:


  • A bench scale continuous Pump nitration unit including washing section where the proprietary Pump nitration technology can be optimized and various parameters can be studied in detail. The unit is equipped with a fully automated control system of the same type as would be installed in a commercial size plant. The nitration of toluene to produce nitrotoluenes (MNT) and dinitrotoluenes (DNT) has been extensively studied in the unit. Also the nitration of p-nitrotoluene (PNT) to 2,4-DNT has been developed. The process for nitration of benzene to dinitrobenzene (DNB) via nitrobenzene (MNB) is under development.
  • A well agitated CSTR hydrogenator capable of operation at up to 140 bar pressure. The hydrogenator can be operated in continuous mode for long periods of time to study e.g. the ageing of the catalyst. It features a continuous addition of feed materials which are solids at room temperature, e.g. DNT. All data are continuously logged for later evaluation. Addition of fresh catalyst can be made without interrupting the process. By careful control of parameters, direct scale up to commercial size hydrogenators (30-60 m3) can be made in a very reliable way. The hydrogenation of DNT (isomer mixture) to toluenediamine (TDA) as well as 2,4-DNT to 2,4-toluenediamine (2,4-TDA) has been developed and optimised using a proprietary catalyst. The hydrogenation of DNB to produce Phenylenediamine (PhDA) is under development. Our extensive hydrogenation know-how can also be utilised to develop customer specific products.
  • A state of the art bench scale phosgenation unit for optimization of our TDI technology as well for development of new phosgenation products. The unit features the most stringent safety systems and very precise control of flows, temperatures and pressures. All data are logged for post-run evaluation. The bench scale unit can be used to develop custom products requiring phosgenation for external clients. Chematur can design and supply phosgene production units to clients, from small units for the pharmaceutical and the fine chemicals industry up to world scale units to support the TDI industry.
  • A sophisticated pilot plant for the proprietary Biostil® process. The unit can operate on a variety of different raw materials such as grain, molasses and sugar juice. To support the grain operation a small scale roller mill with a bran removal system is available.
  • Equipment and know-how to test waste water pre-treatment (WWPT) of various difficult to treat waste waters. The equipment includes the moving bed biofilm reactor technology (MBBR) and the Fenton process.
  • A scCO2 extraction unit for general use in extraction of various feed materials with supercritical carbon dioxide. The pilot plant can operate up to 400 bar and 100 °C and it features a rotating extraction chamber to enhance mass transfer.
  • A forced circulation evaporation/crystallization unit to study evaporation and crystallization of mainly inorganic feed materials.

Chematur Engineering Technology Centre
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