Polyether polyols

Flowsheet Polyether Polyols
Chematur has technology to supply a range of different polyether polyols. A polyol is an alcohol containing multiple hydroxyl groups.

Polymeric polyols are an important group of monomers which are generally used to produce other polymers. They are reacted with isocyanates to give various kinds of  polyurethanes. There are many kinds of polyols which will give polyurethanes with different properties for different end applications such as mattresses, foam insulation for appliances, home and automotive seats, elastomeric shoe soles, fibers and adhesives.Polymeric polyols are usually polyethers or polyesters. Polyether polyols are produced in a catalysed batch process by reacting various chain starters with propylene oxide (PO) and/or ethylene oxide (EO) in the presence of a catalyst.

 Some of the process features are;

  • High productivity with high flexibility in batch size and what kind of polyols that can be made
  • High product quality
  • Very high yield, more than 99.9 % based on chain starter PO and EO
  • Low environmental impact
  • Minimum manpower
  • Minimum plot area
  • Maximum safety