TNT – Trinitro toluene

Flowsheet TNT

The continuous TNT process developed by Chematur Engineering (CEAB) has been used in more than 20 projects with excellent safety record and very good performance. Our process includes continuous nitration of toluene or orthonitro-toluene, prewashing of the crude TNT, sellite washing of the crude TNT, post sellite washing of the purified TNT and finally drying, flaking and packing.
The special features of the CEAB TNT system using oleum are:

  • Lesser residence time in each reactor due to higher speed of reaction.
  • Lesser residence time results in smaller size and fewer reactors
  • The yield is higher due to less oxidation and side reactions
  • Less material has to be sent to waste water treatment and incineration
  • Start up and shut down is fast and easy
  • Safety is improved as smaller amount of the product is in the building
  • Spent acid volume is low. This will result in smaller spent acid concentration equipment.
  • Lower production cost (better yield).