NG – Nitroglycerine

Flowsheet Nitroglycerine
The injector nitration process was developed in Sweden and gave a revolutionary improvement of safety in the risky manufacturing of nitroglycerine and nitro glycol. The process is continuous – the reaction is performed instantaneously in an injector.

Chematur Engineering has developed a unique washing/separation centrifuge with low RPM. The amount of free NG in the system is very low. NG from washing is stored with water in emulsion tanks with hydraulic stirring making the NG non-explosive and also giving an additional washing.

The main advantages compared with other methods are: 

  • Very small quantities of “free” NG in nitration, separation and washing by using injectors and dynamic separators, the quantity is less than 10 kg.
  • The reaction of glycerine and acid is instantaneous in the nitration injector.
  • The control of the ratio of glycerine and acid is made by the adiabatic temperature increase.
  • An on-line control device is checking the composition of the spent acid by redox measurement
  • By breaking the vacuum in the supply line for glycerine a very quick shut-down is made.
  • At shutdown, all NG is automatically flushed out of the nitration system and no “dumping” tank is required.
  • The small quantity of explosive makes it possible to design the building for nitration, washing and separation, strong enough to keep an eventual explosion safely contained.
  • The dynamic separators are specially developed by CEAB for explosives.
  • The process is completely remote controlled.
  • NG is stored and transported as a non-explosive emulsion in water.
  • The NG plant can also produce Nitro glycol dinitrate or mixed NG/NGDN.
  • The time for start and stop of the plant is very short.